Alive in Christ

Alive in Christ

Alive in Christ invites children to open their minds and hearts to what God is saying to them in Sacred Scripture, helps them discover what it means to be Catholic in today’s world, and gives them the tools they need to live their faith in everyday life. Our bilingual edition, Vivos en Cristo, is now available! Visit the Alive in Christ website to here to learn more now!

Teaching Catholic Kids

Teaching Catholic KidsThe theme for January is "New Year's Huddle."

In Minnesota where I live, January can be a drag. It’s often bitterly cold, icy and nearly impossible to go anywhere without taking ten minutes to bundle up. However, there is a little secret we Minnesotans have — January compels us to stay home, nestle in and slow down. When you don’t feel obligated to go out, you stay in and spend time together.

But you don’t have to be a resident of Minnesota to do this. Even if you live in a place where January is warm, your family can make a commitment to keep this month simple by slowing down and rediscovering the joy of your faith in the company of loved ones. Spend some time together praying, working on a craft or activity offered here or simply reading side-by-side.

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Today's most important issues and questions are addressed and answered in Our Sunday Visitor's pamphlets line. Whether you use them as bulletin inserts, in a rack on the church information table, or as handouts at RCIA or other group meetings, our wide variety of constantly updated subjects can fill your need. We even offer specially sized pamphlets for inclusion in your offering envelopes!

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