Fill Your Cup This Summer

During the slower months, find what inspires you

Responsibility to teach

To care for all souls in an area, parishes should have at least a strong religious ...

Institute equips Catholics for New Evangelization

Free live events, online seminars give the faithful the tools needed to share in the ...

How to engage children in the Faith

From prayers and devotions to age-appropriate tips, we have parents covered

Foundations of the Faith Part 5: What does it mean to belong to the Church?

While the Church outlines rules for the faithful to follow, simple adherence is not ...

A Treasure Trove of Catechesis gives parishes wealth of faithful resources

New OSV series revisits 'Foundations of the Faith'

If your New Year's resolution is to learn more about the Catholic Church, look no ...

A case of every child left behind: Teaching 'stupid' faith

Our children are besieged with the message that atheism is “smart” and faith is “dumb.”

Editorial: The hard truth

Young people are leaving the Faith more rapidly and at a younger age than ever before

Youth Movement

Youth ministers across the country are engaging teens in the Faith by sharing with ...

8 easy ways to learn more about the Faith

Simple steps to learn more about Catholicism through resources right at your fingertips

The unofficial newcomer's guide to the Church

As catechumens and candidates are welcomed fully into the Church at Easter, OSV ...

Hardened hearts

Prayers and a call to repentance must accompany education when it comes to evangelization

Reclaiming a Catholic subculture

Moms and dads are key to raising faithful children, but a morally strong community is ...

Ways to celebrate religious education at your parish

2015 National Parish Religious Education Week
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