Love can conquer all -- even February

Confessions of a Catholic Dad

Christmas survival tips: Don't leave home without this!

When visiting family for the holidays, a survival guide sometimes is necessary

Our journey home

Searching for grace as our vacation neared its conclusion

Amid the chaos of life, a celebration of wedded bliss

Happiness can be found in embracing the messiness of children and marriage

Fasting: Day 1

I wasn't sure I could make it through my first 24-hour fast, but I pushed on

Leaving and cleaving

As a son gets married, a father reflects on the joy of the occasion and on the ...

Does divorce cause disbelief?

Children of divorce are often left to figure things out on their own — and that ...

Learning to love

Despite being uncooperative for years, I'm trying to be more affectionate

Test your Catholic marriage IQ

Do you know these five essential facts about Catholic marriage?

Something to shout about

In our family, we are trying to be kinder to each other — and we are going broke ...

Lessons on selfishness

My kids need to work on their generosity (and so does their father)

Strategizing on catechizing

We try to be good examples of the Faith, but are we actually teaching it to our kids?

Enjoy the ride

Seeing a child’s simple joy at a carousel reminds us that there is plenty of good in ...

18 pounds of trouble

My relationship with our 7-month-old is complicated

Pet stories

While my wife and I don't love animals, our family has had its share of them
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