From Ashes to Ashes

What is the importance of Ash Wednesday?

Bishop St. John Neumann

Born over 200 years ago on March 28

Why Is St. Thérèse So Popular?

The universal appeal of her “Little Way” sheds light on the holiness to which we are ...

How Are Priests Trained?

A look at the Church’s program to form seminarians

Is There Evidence of Jesus’ Resurrection?

The Shroud of Turin is not only a relic of Good Friday, but also of Easter Sunday

How Do We Foster Christian Unity?

We all have a role to play in achieving what Christ wills for His Church

Another side of St. Nicholas

Often remembered for his charity, the saintly bishop staunchly defended the Faith

Black Catholics have a legacy of holiness

November is Black Catholic History Month

What Is Nativism?

A look at the persistence of anti-immigrant, anti-Catholic attitudes

What Is a Papal Bull?

Understanding differences in papal decrees and documents

The Protestant Debunking of Anti-Catholic History

As Newman noted nearly 200 years ago, history “is not a creed or a catechism, it gives ...

“To Be Nourished and Formed”

Who are the Fathers of the Church? Part Two

Victims of Religious Hatred

Who are the Gorkum martyrs?
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