Finding silence and embracing loss

Cardinal Robert Sarah’s book ‘The Power of Silence’ prompts an invitation to let God ...

Pray, hope, don't worry

Do we humbly and automatically reach for our faith in times of trouble, or let doubt ...

'The Universe We Think In'

Prolific author Father James Schall embraces the big questions of existence in new book

Changing the 'Ingrained Habits' of cultural Catholicism

What did U.S. Catholic culture look like in the mid-20th century?

Tale of dehumanizing materialism

Seventy years on, Waugh’s novel remains a brutal indictment of modern culture

Racism in literature

Solution is not to ban classic works with social sins but to educate on the historical ...

‘The Loved One’: A tale dehumanizing consumerism

Seventy years since its publication, Evelyn Waugh’s novel is still a brutal ...

Praying is believing

Belief in God can come from unlikely places; even horror novels can teach us about the ...

Refreshing new reads for spring

As spring brings new life to our world, new books can bring new worlds to our lives

Not rocket science

Faith is not about us, but about discerning and then following God’s will for us in ...

Book explores how we’re all ‘Made for Love’

Finally, a resource for Catholics who lovingly seek to help their brothers and sisters ...

A strange conversion

The author of one of the pope’s favorite books saw in Catholicism a power we all can ...

Articles of faith

A delightful new book makes the Church’s history as real as an object you can hold in ...

Medical miracles

New book details how Christ and his Church have been the driving force in modern medicine
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