Signs of hope

When we fall into doubt about the world and Church, God sends reminders that he will ...

Sisters ‘Take Back the Site’

Nuns in Erie commemorate homicides in their city with prayer vigils, pastoral outreach ...

Ukraine’s vocations drive country’s evangelization

Seminaries push next generation of leadership into the pastoral trenches during a ...

Opus Dei’s call to be leaven

Institution members sanctify their everyday lives by making their work the work of God

A re-conversion and the power of Divine Mercy

For the Marians of the Immaculate Conception, finding vocations is not an issue

Blessed John Brenner inspires religious order

Priest, martyr is first Hungarian Cistercian beatified by the Church in order’s 800 years

Living consecrated virginity in the 21st century

A vocation for women who desire to give everything to Christ but still feel called to ...

Closer to heaven

Witnesses of Catholic couples, priests and religious are reminders that heaven is not ...

Minister to Yourself

To better live our vocations, we must indulge our own passions

The Priest: Bridge Builder

We must walk with those who struggle on their journey to Christ

Students encourage seminarians with letters

Program begun two decades ago in New Jersey makes indelible mark on children, future ...

Finding Christ in the desert

Benedictine monks in Chama Canyon, New Mexico, encounter God through work, prayer and ...

Remote Cooperation

If given control, would we fast-forward our priestly lives?
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