Revolutionary, authentic self-care

When we focus on God instead of ourselves, it is the highest form of care we can hope ...

Opening the Word: Temple of the body

In Christ, God has given us the most perfect altar, but are we ready to place ...

Honoring Christ’s sacrifice with penance every Friday

While penitential acts on Fridays outside of Lent are no longer required of the ...

Sacrificing my pride

This Lent, let us pray (and fast) in secret

Stay focused on Lenten sacrifices

And, really, don't sweat the small stuff

God said chocolate and beer were good

But this video focuses on why, during Lent, we give them up

Two similar stories produce two very different results

Pope Francis has been encouraging us all to become more intimately tuned in to what it ...

Giving, not just sacrificing

What started as Lenten duty for author of new book led to year of giving away possessions

Here’s an idea: Give up your hair for Lent

3-year-old girl embraces sacrificial giving

Lent and The Purple Monster

Rightly understood, Lent is practical training in detachment and, as such, extremely ...

The key to a happy marriage

Matthew Leonard discusses sacrificial love

Our Act of Faith — Part 2

Entrusting oneself to God is a radical act of faith
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