Attitude of gratitude

Looking at the big picture, we have 2,000 years of Church history for which to be grateful

Your guide to the ecumenical councils of the Church

The Church has convened 21 times throughout history to clarify our teaching and ...

From Ashes to Ashes

What is the importance of Ash Wednesday?

Articles of faith

A delightful new book makes the Church’s history as real as an object you can hold in ...

U.S. bishops mark 100 years as a conference

Baltimore assembly to mark centenary of official collaborative structure of U.S. ...

The Our Father and the doxology

There's a reason Catholics don't include 'For the kingdom ...' in the Lord's Prayer

Fake news nothing new

Urban legends about the Faith have been told for centuries by those wishing to ...

Bible Translations

Many have asked why Catholics have more Bible books, and the answer lies in ...

Black Catholics have a legacy of holiness

November is Black Catholic History Month

What Is Nativism?

A look at the persistence of anti-immigrant, anti-Catholic attitudes

The Protestant Debunking of Anti-Catholic History

As Newman noted nearly 200 years ago, history “is not a creed or a catechism, it gives ...

Reformation's cause

Protestant leaders chose to leave the church Christ established because of human sin ...

The Faith Lives

The radical nature of the Christian message assures the continuation of an ever-new Church

“To Be Nourished and Formed”

Who are the Fathers of the Church? Part Two
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