From Ashes to Ashes

What is the importance of Ash Wednesday?

Our Lenten journey

Ash Wednesday serves as a blessed starting point for the penitential season as we ...

Cross of evangelization

On Ash Wednesday, much like at Christmastime, the Church stirs the souls of those ...

Ash Wednesday

March 5 — Saturday, March 8

Things that hold

Amid the media criticism of Catholicism, columnist remains encouraged by faithful

Appropriate behavior for sign of peace

It should prepare congregation for Communion, not be a time for hugging, visiting with ...

Do You Remember Where You Came From?

As the Lenten season approaches once again, that preacher's insight can offer us an ...

Ashes to ashes, either way

What's important on Ash Wednesday is not how ashes are imposed but their significance

Remember you are dust

Ashes are meant to help us examine our own consciences and face realities about ourselves
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