Bishop St. John Neumann

Born over 200 years ago on March 28

Father William B. Farrell

Pastor, peacemaker and prophet

Going forward, three possible outcomes exist for the U.S. Church

It will depend on choices and decisions Catholics make now and in the years ...

Catholics in politics

Widespread anti-Catholicism following World War I was reflected in attitudes as well ...

Church and State

In public observances through the year we are reminded of this relationship

What's happening to the Church?

We are called to share Jesus' Good News in an interpersonal way.

Black Catholics uniquely affected by closings

As many inner-city parishes shut their doors, African-Americans are losing more than a ...

Catholic population steady, despite Pew report

Survey suggests a drop in American Catholics, but other data show the number has ...

Civil War priest died while serving soldiers

Father Bliemel, who was killed while hearing confession, was the first Catholic ...

New tool helps map faith, politics in the U.S.

Public Religion Research Institute’s data give geographical look at America’s Catholic ...

Ben Salmon

Catholic conscientious objector of the Great War

A Voice for Native Americans

The birth of the Bureau of Catholic Indian Missions

Catholic schooling

The movement of Catholic education in America that began in the late 19th century ...

The faith of converts

These six Catholic men and women had a great impact on the Church and on society in ...

The cooperation of Church and state

Noted theologian Father John Courtney Murray preached that Americanism and Catholicism ...
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