Opening the Word: Prophetic discipleship

In our role as disciple and prophet, we must follow Christ in sharing the hard truths ...

The virtue and value of quitting (sometimes)

Being an apostle or saint for Christ might mean quitting one good thing to follow ...

Boy Scouts and the future

Policy changes pose challenges for relationship between parishes and scouting programs

The Yoke of Discipleship

Unpacking the wisdom of Christ in Matthew 11:25-30

The Belief of St. Thomas

How Christ used the ‘doubting’ apostle’s hesitancy for our good

How to build a relationship with Christ

Three prominent Catholic personalities explain why getting to know Jesus on a personal ...

Inspiration and Guidance from Thomas Merton

Trappist monk models 4 ways priests can grow in holiness

Thriving Parishes

Watch your community grow stronger by getting back to basics and focusing on Christ

Convocation draws nearly 3,500 faithful

Four-day conference engages Catholics from across the nation and from different ...

Opening the Word: Extending the family

We are responsible not simply for our own kin but for every possible disciple of Jesus ...

The power of conversion stories

From the Church’s beginning, we have seen the profound impact that encountering Jesus ...

Editorial: An Easter challenge

To understand the full meaning of the Resurrection in our lives, we must work to seek ...

Mary: The perfect disciple

The Blessed Virgin offers the faithful a flawless example on how to live a life truly ...
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