"The group I work with is very active, and sometimes they can be downright unruly. How can I get the group to listen and follow the directions without turning into a grouch?"

All children and youth need some structure and discipline. The guidance given to them by caring adults is an important source of safety and security and helps to develop good habits they will use throughout their lives.

Don't be afraid to set limits with your group. Discuss the behavioral expectations up front. Phrase the rules positively, telling the students what you want them to do, rather than what you don't want. Be clear and concise. Communicate the rules assertively, but not aggressively.

Let your group know that you expect good things from them. Positively reinforce good behavior. Recognize the good things that are happening and point them out. Point out and nurture the gifts and talents you see in your learners.

Above all, make sure they see in you the love and welcome of Jesus Christ. When they can see that you care for them, they will naturally want to please you.