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Splash! Summer Water Activities

This summer, use this love of water to introduce children to stories of Jesus.

A New Year is Upon Us

Suggestions for starting anew in the classroom.

Getting to Know Jesus

Jesus himself is the ultimate example of love.

Lenten Activities for Preschoolers

Preschoolers will best understand Lent through doing loving actions.

Easter Activities

Activities for the fifty days of the Easter season.

The Sacredness Of Summer

Ideas to help use the blessings of summer to deepen faith in God

Saints and Animals

Teaching about the saints

Introducing Feasts and Seasons the Easy Way

Create a "tree of feasts and seasons."

Lent and Easter

Let the symbols of Lent and Easter be the first to “speak” of the Paschal Mystery to ...

May Crowning

Invite to your classroom people from the parish who are interested in participating in ...

Stories of Saints

Reading about the saints deepens our faith and enhances catechesis

Advent and Preschoolers

The story of the Nativity is probably the favorite of all Scripture passages that ...

Advent: Time of Hope

A short and simple ritual you can share will give young children the beginnings of an ...

Easter and Creation

Help children connect God’s gift of creation to the Easter Season