Lent and Easter

Let the symbols of Lent and Easter be the first to “speak” of the Paschal Mystery to ...

May Crowning

Invite to your classroom people from the parish who are interested in participating in ...

Books for Sharing

Take a little time to research titles of books that could be helpful in the classroom

Stories of Saints

Reading about the saints deepens our faith and enhances catechesis

Planning a Welcome

Preschoolers and hospitality

Babies and Respect Life

Preschool is a good time to introduce the concept of life as a gift.

Advent and Preschoolers

The story of the Nativity is probably the favorite of all Scripture passages that ...

Advent: Time of Hope

A short and simple ritual you can share will give young children the beginnings of an ...

Technology for Preschoolers

For parents of young children, Lent is a good time to look as the family’s use of ...

Easter and Creation

Help children connect God’s gift of creation to the Easter Season

The Importance of Words (Part 1)

Give young children a vocabulary that enables them to talk through conflicts

Advent pantomime

Tell children the nativity story little by little