In the Beginning...

God did not create the universe in six days — or did He?

Opening the word: A God of wisdom, life

In the Old Testament, the goal of wisdom is a life marked by old age, prosperity and ...

The Gospel of Matthew serves as bridge to Old Testament

Learn more about the Evangelist who will be highlighted in new liturgical year

Polygamy in the Bible

In the Old Testament, the mention of many wives does not mean that God approved of ...

Finding Mary

The Virgin Mary in the Old Testament

Images of Mary

Can we find the Blessed Mother in the Old Testament?

Judaism and afterlife

There is plenty of evidence in Old Testament to show belief in afterlife was common ...

The “Angry God” and the “Loving God”

Can we reconcile how God is portrayed in the Old and New Testaments?

Opening the Word: God's perfect justice

True justice among men is rooted in God, whereas injustices come from man’s ...

Understanding the Old Testament

Reading it as an incomplete introduction to the Gospels puts the murders and pillaging ...
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