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8 tips to becoming a more dynamic educator

From being enthusiastic to staying humble, advice to help professors get the most out ...

Easing Into Early Childhood Catechesis

Teaching techniques that make a real difference.

Preparing a Room for You

A new image of heaven

The Spirit of the Class

The mood in any classroom is often a reflection of the catechist.

Getting Organized for Fall

Getting ready for a productive and fun year of teaching the faith

The End is Near

It’s time to evaluate whether or not we will take on our role as faith educators again ...

Stewardship and Your Curriculum

Parishes all over the country are turning to stewardship to renew and revitalize their ...

Helping Kids Get Hope Down Pat

In an ideal world, our kids imagine themselves tackling and conquering problems of the ...

Take Stock

Encouraging positive, life-affirming language in your classroom.