As you begin planning your new year of lessons, consider the wonderful opportunity you have to introduce young minds to the Words of Life. Catholics are often accused of not knowing Scripture and maybe this is true to some extent but it shouldn’t be due to lack of exposure. As our liturgies are filled with verses from the Bible, so are our religious curriculums.

With each lesson you teach, make sure to note the Scripture or parable that the lesson is taken form. With younger students let them see the words on a chart or poster. With middle elementary, have them write the words of Scripture that pertain to the lesson on a nice sheet of construction paper and decorate. With the older elementary and middle school students, show them how to locate the Scripture you’re discussing and explain how to find its meaning or similar Scripture passages. There are several Catholic student Bibles which can help you with this. 

In the beginning of the year as an exercise of the importance of God’s word, teach from the Scripture found in Psalm 119:105 which reads, Your word is lamp for my feet, a light for my path.

Discuss how sacred and important God’s Word has been to Christians for centuries now and how special it is to us today, also. Remind your students how in reverence the priest carries the lectionary in Mass just before he reads the Gospel.

Explain what the verse from Psalms means; how we should look to God’s word to guide our steps in life.

Design a prayer corner in your room if not already there and place a Bible there on a lace doily. Point out the significance of a special place to keep this important book.

Make one large banner that the entire class decorates or have each student write the words, Your word is a lamp for my feet, a light for my path on a poster paper and decorate as they wish. Play the Amy Grant song of the same name in the background while working on it. Display the banner or posters on the wall in a fairly permanent place, if possible, to reflect on all year.

Throughout the year, as you discuss characters in your lessons, continually draw your students’ attention back to this verse. Ask them how this person is using God’s word to “light his path” or how another person is depending on God’s word for direction.

Always try to add a tidbit with each lesson about the Scripture that it is connected to. By the end of the year you’ll be amazed at how much your students know of God’s word without having to memorize verse after verse. More importantly, your students will understand the relevance and importance of leaning on Scripture in our walk as Christians.

Roselyn Smith is a teacher and the Coordinator for Stewardship Education for Children and Youth at Blessed Trinity in Ocala, FL.