The end is near. Just kidding, I mean the end of the religion school year. I don’t know about you, but right about now I need some inspiration to get me through the last little bit. Between summer sports starting, kids studying for exams and all of us just a little sick of school, this part of the year seems to go too fast and too slow all at the same time.

So where are we? It’s time to evaluate whether or not we will take on our role as faith educators again next year. This can only be done by looking honestly at our family life, obligations, examining our hearts and much prayer. Some of us will choose to teach next fall and some of us will need a break for awhile. Others will need to assess if they should teach Vacation Bible School this summer. Once we make our decisions we will need to let our Faith Formation Directors know what those choices are so that they can plan accordingly.

What else? We need to look at our current lesson plans to make sure we are on track to finish up on time. Just like all teachers, we may have spent more time on one area of the faith than others. We may need to speed things up, or slow down a little to finish at the right time.

Some of us are preparing our students for sacraments at this time of year. First Communion typically takes place in the spring, so we may be focusing on that upcoming event. Taking inventory of our lesson plans and adjusting them is crucial to providing our students with a strong faith basis for these sacraments. Just because we don’t always consider ourselves “real” teachers, doesn’t mean we don’t have to plan like they do. Making lists to hand out to parents regarding their own preparation (dates, times for rehearsal, what things are needed such as dresses, ties, etc.) may help too. Getting everyone on the same page will make sacramental prep much more effective.

Finally, breathe. Thank God for the year we have been given and for the increase in faith experienced by ourselves and our students. Thank you for your service to Our Lord, His Church and our children. God bless you.