Public consequences

We know there is a collective moral fabric because every sin, no matter how ‘private,’ ...

Loving the Spirit

Holy Spirit may be harder to relate to as a person, but we can know him through his ...

Sharing in the Work of Angels

Priests also must fight God’s battles and spread his message

What's the story on angels?

Far from superstition, these beings are created by God and inhabit a realm beyond our own

An enduring message of peace

Fatima’s angel exhorts sacrifice and love

Angels' knowledge

Did God make the angels aware of the details of Christ’s incarnation, passion and ...

TCA Tuesday – February 14, 2017

Your questions answered on baptism, the Holy Spirit, heaven and angels

Editorial: Spirit of joy

In order to properly evangelize, we must have always within us a spirit of joy. We ...

Hardened hearts

Prayers and a call to repentance must accompany education when it comes to evangelization

The Trouble with Angels

Angels and supernatural experiences

Role of the angels

While guardian angels can help guide our decisions, God gives us free will to choose ...
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