"Getting my three teenage children to go to Church is a lot like trying to get my two elderly parents to visit their nieces. None of them want to be bothered! Any advice for making the weekly task a bit easier?"

Tell them why it’s important to you. Why do you go every week? How does it impact your spirituality? Do it in 55 words or less. One paragraph, that’s it.

Practice it in the car on the way to work. Work on it until it’s lean and clear. Get it down. No blah blah blah and no CAUSE THE CHURCH SAYS SO, which kids expect to hear. You will have their attention (but not their eye contact unless you ask for it) when you speak from a more soulful place.

Kinda like this: “Guys. Going to Mass matters to me. Life is noisy, hectic, crowded. Mass helps me stop and remember where my heart is, where my dreams are, where my love belongs. Going helps me remember who I am and whose I am. And seeing other people there makes me stronger. Totally matters that you go, too.”