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8 tips to becoming a more dynamic educator

From being enthusiastic to staying humble, advice to help professors get the most out ...

Called to Serve

The vocation of the catechist

Creating a Classroom Community

Each of our faith formation classrooms are communities.

Catechists as Teachers

How to be a great catechist

Evaluating Students' Learning

A religious educator's methods of testing and evaluating our students must differ from ...

Reflect and Renew

Getting ready for a new religious education year starts with an inward renewal of ...

Time Management

Taking inventory of our commitments and managing our time becomes significant if we ...

A Fresh Perspective

Catechesis through a new lens

Improving Your Classroom

Renew our teaching of the faith

Healing Our Own Hearts

Spirituality for catechists

Counting your Blessings

Reframe your thinking

Faith and Fumes

Recharge and renew

Preparing a Room for You

A new image of heaven

The Spirit of the Class

The mood in any classroom is often a reflection of the catechist.