My mother makes the most beautiful quilts you have seen! This year, she began a project of making each grandchild a large quilt that they could keep through adulthood. She made them all baby quilts when they were born, but now it is time to upgrade.

One of the best lessons my mother ever taught me came through her quilt making. As she begins a new work, she dedicates each stitch through Our Lady to Our Lord. When she makes an error she does not become discouraged in her lack of perfection, rather, she smiles and says, “The Lord has allowed me a humility mistake.”

I have seen the wisdom in this many times. It is so easy for me to become, “too big for my britches,” as mom would say. Recently, I submitted an article to an editor for publication. I was so excited that she wanted the piece as I had branched into a new area of writing. I felt proud of my accomplishment (forgetting for a moment that it was all from God). I was brought down to earth by my sweet editor/friend who pointed out that I had used the word then, when I meant than. Oops. Humility mistake. Thank you for correcting me, Lord.

Humility mistakes fill my day. The water I spill on the floor while stacking the dishwasher, the paint I accidentally got on the ceiling while painting my daughters’ room, the wrong word I utter when thinking that I am giving someone good advice. My mother’s understanding (of our need for a little reminding of our human nature) rings in my ears.

Perhaps I can pass this lesson on to my own children and my students. I could change my own harsh attitude regarding their mistakes as I am reminded of how often the Lord lets me make mistakes of my own. This is apparent when I go to Confession. Didn’t I confess this same sin last time? Why is it so hard for me to change my behavior? Why do I expect others to change theirs the first time it is corrected? Hmm, is this another humility mistake?

So many questions and I don’t pretend to have the answers. This is another way the Lord reminds me that He is the only one who is perfect. He is the only one who has all the answers. He alone will teach the ones I need to know to me.