Catechists, this ever-growing, special collection of Catechist Help articles addresses your Religious Education needs, including topics such as classroom management, catchy and fun teaching tips, seasonal activities, and more!

It’s Time to Gear Up Again!

Help for fall planning

The Busy Days of September

Maintaining spirituality while working in a parish

10 Secrets to Marketing in Your Parish

How are you marketing in your parish?

Whole Parish Catechesis

Get everyone in your parish involved

Reach Out and Touch Parents

Families are key

Make October “Angel Month”

Celebrate the Feast of the Guardian Angels in October

Seeking His will

God is in control

Teaching children the Rosary

It's a perfect time!

The Gifts of Observation and Thankfulness

Helping children learn gratitude.

Grace and Kids

Preschoolers are a living reminder that God’s grace is freely given

Joyful Gift-giving

Gift-giving can be a joy-filled experience that reflects Christianity, not commodity.

Easing Into Early Childhood Catechesis

Teaching techniques that make a real difference.

Gift-giving - Spiritual Style!

Creating spiritual bouquets can be fun, creative and a wonderful way to increase the ...

Called to Serve

The vocation of the catechist

Creating a Classroom Community

Each of our faith formation classrooms are communities.

Catechists as Teachers

How to be a great catechist
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