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Saying ‘I do’ as peers say ‘I don’t’

Young Catholic adults discerning their vocation are willing to trust God despite their ...

Times of Transition

For those graduating college, changing cities or jobs, or getting married and starting ...

Staying pro-life on college campuses

Students advocate for the unborn amid challenges and opposition from both universities ...

Portrait of young Catholics sobering but vital

Book shows three generations of ‘emerging adults’ looking to the Church less as they ...

The Parish’s Fifth Wheel

Gather in all members of the parish community

College service projects change students’ lives

Opportunities give students real-life experience, help them grow in faith

'Theology on Tap' impacts students in Australia

Theology on Tap in Sydney regularly draws hundreds with big-name speakers.

‘Generation Me’

The promise and challenge

What millennials believe

A recent report suggests millennials are losing touch with the Faith. Meet six ...

‘Survival guide’ for single Catholic women

With 6.1 million — and counting — Catholic women unmarried, a new book proposes ...

Is the unconsecrated single life a vocation?

That's the question a good many unmarried Catholics have about their single state in life

Being single in the universal Church

The pros, cons and outreach challenges surrounding the increasing number of unmarried ...

Theology on Tap: 30 years of fostering faith communities with a cold one

Theology on Tap hosts young adult Catholics in social settings to discuss relevant topics

Catholic singles seek patience, fellowship

Unmarried Catholics tell how they find meaning in their singleness