Heavenly Father, you ask that we love you with all our hearts, and that we love our neighbor as we love ourselves. You call us to service, knowing that it is often in giving that we receive the most.

Lord God, send your Holy Spirit upon us and among us today as we answer your call to be of service to our neighbors. We obey your command to serve because we love you and we know that you only command what makes us more and more like you.

Father of all people, we thank you for the opportunity to encounter in those we serve the Person of your only Son—our Savior and Lord Jesus Christ. May all who proudly claim the name of Christian be mindful of our obligation to love you and to be of service to your children—to all of our sisters and brothers. Amen.

Prayer After Having Served

Father in heaven, today we saw your only Son, Jesus, in the faces of all who we served. For those moments that were pleasant and enjoyable today as we engaged in our acts of service, we thank you.

As for any moments that may not have gone so well, we know that all acts of loving service are pleasing to you whether they seem successful by earthly standards or not. So we simply thank you for the opportunity to show our love for you by serving our sisters and brothers today.

We look forward to encountering Jesus again soon at Holy Mass, where your gift of the Eucharist and the grace of your Holy Spirit empower us to love and serve you, Lord, by loving and serving each other. Amen.