Our priest gave a wonderful Homily last week. Father Joe reminded us that we will not really hear God speak to us if we don’t have a relationship with Him. He went on to compare our relationship with the Lord, to his parents’ 54-year marriage. He demonstrated that his parents could not have lasted all those years if they didn’t talk to each other and listen to each other. They grew to love each other more, because they spent time together.

Father Joe then challenged us, asking, “How many of us have become complacent, uttering morning prayers, grace before meals, and maybe a quick evening prayer before bed?” He helped us see that most of us do not spend enough time with the Lord. I realized that I had been slipping lately.

I vowed to get to daily Mass more often, to remember to say my Rosary, to make a few visits to the Blessed Sacrament during the week, and to spend time reading the Word of God. I was amazed at the clarity with which I felt His guidance in my life.

In repeating this lesson to my own children and my students, I had a sudden inspiration. They love to text message their friends. My daughter, Katya, is a texting queen, moving her fingers so fast across that tiny keyboard, I worry that she’ll get Carpal Tunnel Syndrome!

I know that children, especially teenagers, can feel alone and different in the world. God is waiting to talk to them, to guide them and to love them.

If they could only understand that when they read the Bible, they are, in effect, receiving text messages from God. They are getting to know Him personally. They are building a relationship in which they will hear His voice more clearly.

They say, “Idk if u r thur?” (translation: I don’t know if you are there?)

God says, “I created the wrld 4 u.” (Genesis) (I created the world for you.)

They say, “Do u luv me?” (Do you love me?)

God says, “I luv u so much, I gave my son 4 u.” John 3:16 (I love you so much, I gave my son for you.)

They say, “Do u knw me?” (Do you know me?)

God says, “I knw every hair on ur head.” Matt 10:30 (I know every hair on your head.)

They say, “Will u tk care of me?” (Will you take care of me?)

God says, “I tk care of birds, o/c I will.” Matt 10:29-31 (I take care of the birds, of course I will.)

They say, “Will u stay wit me?” (Will you stay with me?)

God say, “Im wit u always.” Matt 28:20 (I am with you always.)