Opening the Word: Christ the prophet

In the Old Testament, Moses foretold of the coming of Jesus — the final and perfect ...

Opening the Word: To know ‘what is right’

Like Solomon, we should all pray to God for the wisdom and understanding to seek his ...

Rediscovering the Faith in the Holy Land

Stories from both the Old Testament and the New Testament are united during a journey ...

Opening the word: A God of wisdom, life

In the Old Testament, the goal of wisdom is a life marked by old age, prosperity and ...

The Gospel of Matthew serves as bridge to Old Testament

Learn more about the Evangelist who will be highlighted in new liturgical year

Opening the Word: Walking faithfully

Discipleship in Christ requires obedience, a sense of gratitude and praise, and the ...

Opening the Word: An angry God?

We should remember the God of mercy and justice desires only what is best for us

The “Angry God” and the “Loving God”

Can we reconcile how God is portrayed in the Old and New Testaments?

Opening the Word: United through Christ

Just as God united the Jews through his law, we are united through our need for ...
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