On Jesus' terms

Seemingly confusing passage in John’s Gospel shows Jesus’ awareness of how to live his ...

Preaching the Christmas Story

Don’t be afraid to stray from the narrative in Luke, as we have much to learn from the ...

Meaning of 'gospel'

As first books of the New Testament hadn’t been written, how did apostles ‘believe in ...

Ancient time

The Western mind favors precision but misses the fact that people don’t always speak ...

Understanding St. Mark

Through his Gospel, the Evangelist shares his devout faith

The Gospels: Where everybody knows your name

The inclusion of names in the Gospels is a deliberate effort to provide eyewitness ...

Biblical duplicity?

In the story of the adulteress, the man should have been subject to the same treatment ...

Rock, Steward and Shepherd

How to explain the primacy of Peter

God’s Living Word

A person named Jesus

The Beatitudes in Matthew

They serve well to direct us toward the Kingdom of God

It’s all Greek to us

Translation doesn’t lead to a clear understanding on the relationship between Mary and ...
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