Exorcism and the Church

Through priests, the Church has the power to battle demons

Confronting Pornography

We as a Church have a duty to educate people on God’s plan for our sexuality

The Holiness of Priests: A Life Rooted in Love

Priests achieve a deeper communion when they live out the gifts given by Christ

‘Give Success to the Work of Our Hands’

Through our daily work, priests strive to give glory to God

Celebrating Corpus Christi

A look at the feast’s history, customs and current practices

Understanding St. Mark

Through his Gospel, the Evangelist shares his devout faith

A Closer Look at the Holy Oils

The Chrism Mass imparts a deep understanding of the Faith

‘If You Can Make It, So Can I’

We must embrace our weaknesses to find our strengths

A Model for All Priests

St. Joseph is an incredible witness to fatherly love

Rome’s Station Churches

Pilgrims continue 2,000-year journey of faith in Lent

Serving God and Country

Perspective is key for chaplain on Capitol Hill

The Beauty that Surrounds Us

Art has the power to inspire us to grow closer to God

One Priesthood, Many Roles

In a parish or special ministry, we must joyfully serve

Creating a Vocation-Friendly Parish

Priests have duty to encourage, support young people

To Sanctify, to Teach, to Lead

Priests must follow in the ways of Christ
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