Catholic experts offer 8 tips to improve marriages

Small things couples can do to strengthen their vocations and lead each other to holiness

‘Priest with a Mic’ takes to the streets, media

Father Kyle Manno’s new ministry delights ‘spiritual tastebuds’ through personal ...

Network of port ministries serves the world's seafarers

Apostleship of the Sea ministers to those who often go unnoticed while bringing goods ...

Go beyond Sunday

Now is the time for the laity to take the Faith into their own hands through new ...

An unusual companion

Preborn Jesus Ministry and Mary, Ark of the New Covenant, are reminders of Mary’s ...

Blessed to be ‘Uncle Father’

Ministering to our own families has unique joys

Minister to Yourself

To better live our vocations, we must indulge our own passions

The Priest: Bridge Builder

We must walk with those who struggle on their journey to Christ

Little Fishers of the Amazon

Rediscovering the attitude of Christ in an unexpected place

The value of self-care in ministry

People who serve others run the risk of burning out if they don’t make intentional ...

The Power of Planning

To grow as a Church, we must focus on the ‘why’ of our ministry

Facing the Challenges of Multiple-Parish Ministry

Pastoring more than one parish can be a difficult but rewarding task

‘Faithful to everything in front of me’

Peter Bond’s pursuit of his faith has grown a holy card business and an array of ...

Houston’s big investment in hospital ministry

Catholic Health Initiatives grant allows Catholics to be trained as pastoral ministers ...
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