The Spirit of God

The Holy Spirit according to John’s Gospel

Opening the Word: Questions and answers

Gospel reading of the Passion highlights important quandaries made by Jesus, Judas and ...

Opening the Word: Light of Christ shines

Story of blind man in Gospel reading is applicable to all our lives as we crave ...

Opening the Word: Serve only one master

Gospel passage urges prioritizing relationship with God, who will then provide ...

Choosing the Gospels

Holy Spirit, context played role in selecting which accounts of the life of Jesus to ...

Opening the Word: Salt, light and a city

The Gospel indicates the impact of and the relationship between these three concepts

Opening the Word: Presentation of Jesus

In his Gospel, Luke offers unique details and stories about the person and mission of ...

The Gospel of John

A bird's-eye view

Opening the Word: The light of Christ

As Christians, we must bring the light of the Gospel — Jesus — to a world filled with ...
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