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Seeking His will

God is in control

Do U Luv Me?

If they could only understand that when they read the Bible, they are, in effect, ...

Hair Cuts and Confession

Give your soul attention

The Easter Bunny and "Too Cool" Teens

Easter symbols and Teens

Helping our Students move from the Magic of Christmas to the Mystery

It is often a challenge for youth ministers to help young people connect with their ...

Hope for the Youth

Pope Benedict XVI's encyclical on hope has a great message for today's teens.

Spring into Action

Exploring ways to encourage our youth to live their faith more fully by living out ...

Educating our Students on what it Means to be Pro-Life

As Catholics, we are called to respect the sanctity of human life from conception ...

Nurture the Faith of a Child

How do we encourage young people (who want to grow up so quickly) to pursue the faith ...

Pretty Temptations

Lent and sin

Disconnecting from the Digital World

It happened again. In the middle of the Consecration, someone’s cell phone started to ...

A New Kind of Resolution

Celebrate our unique gifts from God

Easter Every Sunday

Do we convey to our students the joy of Easter continuing every Sunday, because Sunday ...

Expanding the Prayer Life of Youth

Praying with scripture