My daughter, Anya, can hardly wait till spring. She wants it to be Easter, because that means it will be near her birthday. In that adorable way children have of expressing themselves, she’ll say, “Oh, you can’t do that (whatever we are discussing) in spring, cause it will be my birthday!” It is as if her birthday will not be just one day, but an entire season.

Just as Lent was a season, so is Easter. Do we treat it like that? Do we get as excited as my little girl because we are celebrating the season of Easter? Do we convey to our students the joy of Easter continuing every Sunday, because Sunday is always an “Easter” celebration? Or do we get distracted by chocolate bunnies (okay, me too…after all I give up chocolate for Lent), flowers and pretty dresses?

Every Sunday we celebrate Christ’s resurrection. Every Sunday! What a joyous day that should be. Yet, we don’t wear our Easter dresses every Sunday. Some of us don’t make a special meal every Sunday. Still others don’t even go to Mass every Sunday. Why not? If we are serious about believing in the promises and joy of Easter, we should be rushing to Mass every Sunday to celebrate it. Our clothes, the time we spend with our families, even our meals should reflect the importance of that day. 

I once wrote a piece about how Sunday should be a day of rest, but really isn’t for parents (especially moms). It isn’t just that we need that day, and God in His wisdom provide it for the refreshment and rejuvenation of our souls, but that Sunday should be a day set apart from the rest. Too often, in our busy lives it has become just one day of the week. We use it to catch up on work, clean out the garage, or sleep in rather than allowing it to be a celebration of faith and family. 

So how do we bring back the importance of Sundays? 

  • Teach students that every Sunday is a little Easter. 
  • Encourage them to spend time with family on Sundays.
  • Instruct them to view Sunday as a gift and not just another day of the week.
  • One parish we attend has a special Sunday Youth Mass and youth group following it.
  • Encourage students to prepare a family favorite for dinner.
  • Begin a family tradition of reading Scripture or saying the Rosary on Sundays. 

God bless you and enjoy your Sunday.