Opening the Word: Prophetic discipleship

In our role as disciple and prophet, we must follow Christ in sharing the hard truths ...

The forgotten power of forgiveness

Americans can learn from Congressman-elect Dan Crenshaw and model mercy in how we ...

Pray, hope, don't worry

Do we humbly and automatically reach for our faith in times of trouble, or let doubt ...

The virtue and value of quitting (sometimes)

Being an apostle or saint for Christ might mean quitting one good thing to follow ...

Boy Scouts and the future

Policy changes pose challenges for relationship between parishes and scouting programs

The Yoke of Discipleship

Unpacking the wisdom of Christ in Matthew 11:25-30

The Beauty of Collaboration

Working together to build up the Church of tomorrow

The Belief of St. Thomas

How Christ used the ‘doubting’ apostle’s hesitancy for our good

A Cold Reminder

At inconvenient times, God makes us remember who’s in charge

Facing the Challenges of Multiple-Parish Ministry

Pastoring more than one parish can be a difficult but rewarding task

Forming a Pastoral Plan

How to keep Christ at the center of your parish’s mission

Urgent outreach leads to Gary parish renewal

St. Mary of the Lake faced almost certain closure until parishioners made organized ...
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