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Teen voices

Teenagers from across the country share the joys and challenges of being faithful to ...

The "I" in faith

Individualism has become the norm

Keeping Kids Catholic

Practicing the faith for life

First Love, Real Love

My 16 year-old daughter is in love

Double Speak

Do I know how to speak so that my students will hear me? Do I listen so that they feel ...

Food that Feeds the Soul

Friends and food go together.

Talk Teen

Tips for open communication with teens

Changing Bad Habits

In some ways, our sins are bad habits and the rule about overcoming bad habits is to ...

Thank You, God

When do we remember to say thank you to God?

Letting them Fall

Mistakes and God's glory

Lost Children

Youth ministry and lost teens

Each Teen Is Different

When we are called to work with teens, we can be mindful of their differences in ...

When Righteous Anger Becomes Sinful

Youth ministers and parents