Thank You, God

When do we remember to say thank you to God?

Nurture the Faith of a Child

How do we encourage young people (who want to grow up so quickly) to pursue the faith ...

Pretty Temptations

Lent and sin

Letting them Fall

Mistakes and God's glory

Disconnecting from the Digital World

It happened again. In the middle of the Consecration, someone’s cell phone started to ...

Lost Children

Youth ministry and lost teens

Each Teen Is Different

When we are called to work with teens, we can be mindful of their differences in ...

When Righteous Anger Becomes Sinful

Youth ministers and parents

Faith without Work

Modeling involvement for teens

Understanding the Teen Brain

It's important to understand the development and needs of teens during their difficult ...

Questioning Faith

Dealing with teens' faith questions

Media and Teens

Tips for setting technology boundaries

A New Kind of Resolution

Celebrate our unique gifts from God

Beloved Distractions

Staying focused on Christ