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Summer feasts, celebrations and fun!

On this day we celebrate ...

St. Joseph as our model

Diary of a Catholic Dad

'My Lord and My God!'

Diary of a Catholic Mom

A conversion that keeps on coming

Confessions of a Catholic Dad

The contradictions of sacrifice

Three faith-based ideas to clarify the notion of sacrifice

In God We Trust

A new house, a new baby and a new appreciation of the ways God guides us

Ideas for celebrating Mardi Gras as a family

This year, why not celebrate Valentine's Day a day early?

From Ashes to Ashes

What is the importance of Ash Wednesday?

Growing together in faith

Diary of a Catholic Mom

Love can conquer all -- even February

Confessions of a Catholic Dad

A deacon’s delicate balance: Managing family, Church life

After trying to do it all led to a burnout, dad, husband has made busy schedule work ...

The path of true love is a gift

Diary of a Catholic mom

Perfect dark

Taking comfort in our faith, even in the dark
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