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Keeping families united in times of separation

The example of Blessed Louis and Zélie Martin

Learning from the Doctors of the Church

Recognized for their extraordinary contributions to the Faith, the lives of these holy ...

Ever Ancient Always New

Is there salvation outside the Church?

Do animals go to heaven?

An apologist gives a Catholic response to a common question asked about our furry friends

Who can get to heaven?

The Church makes a distinction between vincible and invincible ignorance when it comes ...

All things spooky

An apologist explains why Catholics should avoid dabbling in the occult

Maintaining order

The Ten Commandments, which aren’t numbered in the Bible, vary in sequence for ...

Sister Miriam Teresa beatified in New Jersey

At first U.S. beatification, new ‘blessed’ remembered as one with ‘mystical visions, ...

A new app-reciation for faith on the go

These Catholic apps for smartphones and tablets will help keep you on the right path ...

5 steps to becoming an intentional disciple

Continuing conversion is necessary for all as we walk the road to Christ

How to talk to non-Catholics about the Faith

As ‘the Francis effect’ prompts more people to inquire about the Church and her ...

What Is the Communion of Saints?

Why should we pray to them and venerate them?

Artistically Announcing Identity

What is heraldry in the Catholic Church?

Is suicide a sin?

Fr. Robert Hater answers the tough question, is suicide a sin?

Essentials of Catholic Faith

With Christ as our cornerstone, an easy-to-read description of the basics teachings of ...