The problem of evil

Can the existence of evil disprove God’s existence?

'The Exorcist'

When watching secular movies about the Catholic faith, it’s best to take them with a ...

Exorcism and the Church

Through priests, the Church has the power to battle demons

The devil you don't know

As a society, we sometimes forget that Satan is real and is working hard to separate ...

Absolute good

Created things may share in God’s goodness, but everything else is nearly evil in ...

Fear of the demonic

While being possessed by demons is rare, it usually occurs among those who have ...

The Time the Devil Visited

But the Blessed Sacrament was the victor

Evil in the world

We wonder why people get away with so much evil, but God respects our freedom out of ...

Why Does God Allow Evil?

Since God is love — free and total gift of self — He does not coerce.

Signs of possession

The Church spells out distinctly what behavior an exorcist must look for before ...
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