In the wrong business

Is a minister who doesn’t believe in God reflective of a church that’s lost itself, or ...

All things spooky

An apologist explains why Catholics should avoid dabbling in the occult

The long, twisted story of All Hallows Eve

Many cultures have influenced Halloween, All Saints, All Souls

A spooky saint for Halloween

St. Christina the Astonishing

Trick or Treat?

Teaching All Souls and All Saints

Some Catholic parents say ‘nay’ to Halloween and 'yea' to All Saints

Focusing on feast’s origin, and value of teaching kids about — and having fun with — ...

Do you know the difference?

Don't let Halloween celebrations overshadow the Catholic feasts

Ghosts & the Paranormal

Unholy spirits

The trick-or-treat controversy

Whether or not Catholics should participate in Halloween is a question many parishes ...
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