Delegation to Philippines reminds us of call to solidarity

Caring for our brothers and sisters in Christ

Church officials weigh in on wage debate

U.S. bishops remain consistent in supporting an increased minimum wage, but others say ...

A catechetical response to same-sex marriage

Using a logical argument, the author explains the Church’s position on a difficult issue

Economics pieces of encyclical deal in principles, not policies

Pope Francis’ Evangelii Gaudium centers on universal destination of goods

'Gimme Shelter' offers bold message, but fails to satisfy

Pro-life film underscores message of ‘where there’s life, there’s hope’

What Exactly is Catholic Social Teaching?

A comprehensive, integrated look at the Church’s social doctrine answers all your ...

Saints use social doctrine to change world

Through their witness of service, mercy and love, holy men, women live out Catholic ...

Opening the word: A God of wisdom, life

In the Old Testament, the goal of wisdom is a life marked by old age, prosperity and ...

‘God loves a cheerful giver’

We must learn to fight our natural impulse toward greed and adopt an attitude of ...

Communion practices

Though Mass is not essentially a time for private devotion, moments for silent prayer ...

A respectful encounter

More secular media coverage of March for Life denotes pro-life movement’s shift in ...

Smell of the shepherds

Pope Francis’ comments on clergy has made it clear he is looking for priests who are ...

Letters to the Editor for February 16, 2014

Church history, abortion, scouting, social media, and divorce

Editorial: Rolling Stone's spin

The secular media want Pope Francis to fit into a particular box
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