Celibacy as choice

Instead of asking why priests can’t be married, people should ask why they choose celibacy

Signs of hope

When we fall into doubt about the world and Church, God sends reminders that he will ...

Dioceses enlist mentor programs to help priests

Whether transitioning out of the seminary life or into new leadership roles, priests ...

Losing my religion: A faithful, lay response to 'Uncle Ted'

The institutional Church has failed; it’s time the laity accepted their baptismal role ...

Accosting our vocation

The McCarrick case shows not only abuse of power but a slur against the holy chastity ...

The Priest: Bridge Builder

We must walk with those who struggle on their journey to Christ

Remote Cooperation

If given control, would we fast-forward our priestly lives?

Ordination classes tell story

New priests in California dioceses provide a glimpse of a vibrant multicultural Church ...

Drawn to the Latin Mass

Priests serving Catholics who worship in the Mass’s extraordinary form see a real need ...

Drawing Others to the Priesthood

Five ways we as priests can foster discernment in our communities

Show them the way

Mentoring the next generation of priests

Priestly people

In priesthood, God utilizes all a priest’s gifts and struggles, but docility to the ...

Walking uphill

In years past, a seminarian’s dedication to God was respected; today, society jeers at ...

The Power of the Priesthood

Acting in the person of Christ comes with great responsibility
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