Operation Starfish stokes hope in Haiti

Virginia parish’s effort to make a life-saving difference in Haiti celebrates 20th ...

The corporal work of mercy of burying the dead in Haiti

New York Times report shows the good work being done in Haiti

Haiti in dire straits once again after Hurricane Matthew

Pray and give for all those affected by this deadly storm

Community adopts dozens of Haitian children

Families in Minnesota step up after earthquake destroys Missionaries of Charity home ...

Losing hearts to Haiti, and some resolutions

The Haitian people, while some of the world’s most poor, are also some of the world’s ...

Hope for Haiti

While many challenges remain, much progress in disaster relief has been made in the ...

Twinning programs foster international bond

Grassroots projects help American faith communities develop strong connections with ...

Foundation offers health care, hope to Haitians

Founded by Catholic orthodontist, it has helped 230,000 people in villages
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