Document approaches MLK legacy through lens of faith

Thanks to Archbishop Lori for providing a thought-provoking resource

Falling upon deaf ears

Modern elected officials in both Canada and the U.S. ignore cries of Church leaders on ...

Reformation's cause

Protestant leaders chose to leave the church Christ established because of human sin ...

Dorothy Day

Social conscience of American Catholics

Is Clean Power Plan compatible with Laudato Si’?

More provisions still need to be made for the poor, who will be most affected by ...

‘I Have a Dream’

Dr. King can still charge and recharge the people of God

Still a deep divide

Confederate flag shouldn’t be flown on public grounds, but focus rather should be on race

Editorial: Unseemly behavior

The environment remains one of the most divisive issues facing the modern Church

The common good

As illustrated by the recent outbreak of measles, we all must keep in mind what is ...

Editorial: On immigration

Church leaders have consistently called for reform

Our brother’s keeper: Fighting apathy in our world

A busier, more mobile population has led to less connection with our communities, but ...
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