Fatima’s final visions

The last apparition at Fatima on Oct. 13, 1917, contains much for reflection by the ...

Pilgrims encounter the message of Fatima

Shrines in Portugal and the U.S. are centers of devotion and prayer

Francis celebrates fitting centennial for Fatima

Pope canonizes two young seers and reiterates apparitions’ message of peace

What Should Catholics Think about Fátima?

Understanding apparitions and the message of Fátima as its centenary is celebrated by ...

An enduring message of peace

Fatima’s angel exhorts sacrifice and love

3 things we can do to mirror joy of Fatima

Small, everyday deeds can help strengthen our faith as we await the celebration of the ...

The meaning of Fatima: 100 years later

2017 marks the centennial of Our Lady's apparitions to three shepherd children in Portugal

What’s in store for Pope Francis in 2017?

A trip to Portugal for the 100th anniversary of the Fatima apparitions is one of many ...

Obligatory memorials

Church mandates feasts not to require belief in private revelations but to promote ...
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