How does the suffering and death of Jesus speak to your life? Here are some questions you can ask yourself during Lent as you journey with Jesus on the road to Calvary:

The condemnation of Jesus: Have you ever been judged unfairly? Have you ever put yourself in a position of judging others?

Jesus' acceptance of the cross: Are there people, situations or events in your life that are a burden to you? How have you accepted these crosses?

Jesus falls three times: In what ways have you fallen? How have you picked yourself up again?

Jesus encounters his mother: Think about your relationship with your parents – whether they are living or deceased. Are there misunderstandings, painful memories or regrets that need to be healed?

Simon of Cyrene helps Jesus: Who are the people who have helped you carry the crosses in your life?

Veronica wipes Jesus' face: Who are the people who were kind to you during difficult times in your life?

Jesus encounters the women of Jerusalem: Who are the people that you have consoled in their time of worry, fear, or grief?

Jesus is stripped of his garments: How are you being called to let go of external things in your life?

The crucifixion: How are dealing with pain in your life? Are you able to forgive those who have hurt you?

The death and burial of Jesus: What things in your life have to die and be buried before they can be resurrected into new life? Do you really believe that the Risen Christ will renew you? Do you really believe that by following Jesus you can be transformed?