A year of the cross

Christians should spend 2019 contemplating the suffering Christ, because it is there ...

Lessons from the Stations of the Cross

A disciple’s road map for making sense of suffering

Making joy real

The Virgin Mary and Mother Teresa provide two witnesses for looking past a suffering ...

Seeing him through it

Blessed Paul VI had the words for finding Jesus even in a tragic moment like the Texas ...

Race and the Body of Christ

Issues of race metastasize in the Church when we fail to recognize the suffering of ...

Finding God in the Ordinary

If we look closely, we can see the face of Christ amid our neighbors’ suffering

Opening the Word: Reason for our hope

In a world grown hopeless, we Christians do not close our eyes to the very real ...

Figuring out God’s will for you right here, right now

God’s plan can seem hidden at times, but we can identify it through prayerful ...

Editorial: Syria's Suffering

We know that peace occurs through God’s prompting in individual hearts, that this ...

Keeping the faith after life-changing accident

Catholic blogger Thomas Peters has seen God’s grace since suffering a spinal-cord ...

'Thank God for what he is sending us every day'

Thanksgiving takes on a different meaning this year


Pastoral care when grief collides with faith

Haiti in dire straits once again after Hurricane Matthew

Pray and give for all those affected by this deadly storm

The value of suffering

Euthanasia supporters do not consider logical consequences — or suffering’s redemptive ...
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