Fathers of the Church, Part 1: The Greek (or Eastern) Fathers

The early leaders, thinkers and teachers of the Church are a rich gift of the Faith

The Maronite experience

The Maronite Church in the U.S. shares a history of immigrants struggling to maintain ...

Attitude of gratitude

Looking at the big picture, we have 2,000 years of Church history for which to be grateful

St. Luke

Evangelist and the patron of painters and physicians

The 'pope of surprises' — 60 years later

The choice of Angelo Roncalli as pope in October 1958 was a surprise, the first of ...

Opening the Word: The way of hope

To be a true disciple of Christ, we must recognize our blindness and ask the Lord for ...

Your guide to the ecumenical councils of the Church

The Church has convened 21 times throughout history to clarify our teaching and ...

Pope St. John XXIII: Joyful prophet of renewal

Bridging gaps of world and Church tension, John XXIII promoted peace and ...

From Ashes to Ashes

What is the importance of Ash Wednesday?

Finding God in community

What started as an individual expression of faith inspired great monasteries of the world

Articles of faith

A delightful new book makes the Church’s history as real as an object you can hold in ...

Bishop St. John Neumann

Born over 200 years ago on March 28

Praying the Necrology

We are called to honor those priests who have gone before us

The menorah: History and mysteries on display in the Vatican

The Vatican Museums and the Jewish Museum of Rome team up to showcase this religious ...
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