The need for more Catholic fellowship and faith formation

Leaders provided an opportunity for Catholics to mingle in an authentically Catholic ...

8 easy ways to learn more about the Faith

Simple steps to learn more about Catholicism through resources right at your fingertips

The Kingdom of God Is Now

The fertile ground for adult religious education

Stronger Catholics, stronger Church

We all must get engaged to help our parishes lead people to Christ

Can we learn from Protestant ‘megachurches’?

Successes of some evangelical efforts give insights for Catholic parishes looking to ...

Many parents drawn to the Faith through their children

Teens looking to grow spiritually are bringing their families along for the ride

Sharpen Scripture knowledge with these handy tools

These resources are a great place to start

Adult Spirituality

Book Reviews

Involving Families in Catechesis

The family is central to our Catholic faith.

Catholic Social Teachings: An Essential Part of Faith Formation

The Catholic Social Teachings are an important part of our Catholic faith.

Building Community

Strengthen your parish community

Summer Fun

Parish fun and fellowship

A Season of Hope

Find hope this Advent
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