How can the Church ensure healthy priests?

Abuse crisis brings renewed attention to the need for human formation in seminary life ...

The Priest is In

Priests often are called to support their flocks in times of need. Here’s some advice ...

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Resources for priests

The Priest: Bridge Builder

We must walk with those who struggle on their journey to Christ

5 Tips for Framing Prayers

As priests, we must be well-prepared for spontaneous prayer

Feeding Our Flocks

Food plays an essential role in our priestly ministries

The Priest Media Center

Resources for priests

Laying Down Our Lives

At ordination, we are called to joyfully live for Christ

Remote Cooperation

If given control, would we fast-forward our priestly lives?

What hobbies do you have that help you to relax?

Reader feedback to the question of the month

The Priest Media Center

Resources for priests

Pray fervently for the ‘ecosystem of the Church’

Shortages of priests have led us to a tipping point that requires urgent attention ...

A new push for married priests?

The 2019 Synod of Bishops on the Amazon region likely will include proposals to ordain ...
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